Finbarr Saunders
for Knoxville City Council


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Letters from Supporters from 2016 City Council Elections:

Posted September 15, 2015

Dear Finbarr,

You have done a fine job and deserve another term on Council.  When my company (Knox Ag, Inc, aka Shamrock) burned in 2012, you took the time to visit the site and hear from me directly.  I will always appreciate the fair treatment
given to me by you and the City.

Randy Greaves,
(Re-printed with the permission of Mr. Greaves)

Sent via email on September 28, 2015


Dear Friends,

Tomorrow, we have an election here in Knoxville.  I’m writing to encourage you to vote – as well as to encourage your friends and neighbors to vote as well.

I know that – with most, if not all of you – I’m speaking to the choir.  You all care deeply about the quality of life in our community – and about policies that help to insure positive growth and opportunities for all of our citizens for years to come.  So, you’ve probably already voted, or you definitely plan to tomorrow, because you are committed to letting your voice be heard and to making a difference. In that case, I hope you’ll prod your friends because clearly there are many that are holding back and not speaking out at the ballot box.   By all accounts, anticipated voting will be at an all time low, which is scary for our future.  Strong leadership is needed for smart decision-making, and we need our citizens to insure that the best people are elected to office.

Some say that this primary doesn’t really matter…. that there’s nothing much at stake.  I beg to differ.  And I have something of an agenda in sending this message.

Finbarr Saunders has been one of the most thoughtful, fair, and intelligent leaders in our community for many years.  His leadership on important issues has been tremendous asset.  He has two challengers for his place on City Council.  While I’m sure both of these gentlemen are fine people, several comments that they have made have been quite worrisome to me, betraying both a lack of understanding and experience in some key matters.  I’m asking that you re-elect Finbarr Saunders to help keep Knoxville on the right track at this important time.

The same goes for Marshall Stair.  Marshall’s shown himself to be a great leader in our community and there’s no doubt he will be influential for years to come.  I believe he unquestionably deserves your support.

Though unopposed, the same holds true for George Wallace and Mark Campen.

Last, but certainly not least, I hope you’ll show your support for Mayor Madeline Rogero.  While she has no serious opposition, she’s done a fantastic job leading our city for the past four years, and your vote offers a richly deserved expression of affirmation as she enters into her second four-year term.

I know many of you are concerned about the state of leadership…in our state and in our nation.  Your vote can make a difference.   “The world is run by those who show up to run it,” is a statement attributed (falsely, I understand) to Winston Churchill.  But it’s true.

 Show up at the ballot box tomorrow…and bring all of your friends.  We need you!


(Reprinted with the permission of Mr. Capps)