Finbarr Saunders
for Knoxville City Council


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Seeking Solutions - Building Bridges

“I see Knoxville as an active, growing, thriving community which respects the past and applies the latest technology from the new economy for delivery of community services.”  Finbarr

Jobs & The Economy

- Creating conditions that foster job development and business growth - small and large - by supporting the efforts of the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, Innovation Valley and the Knoxville Entrepreneurial Center

- Promoting public-private partnerships that use existing infrastructure for development


- Supporting the continued delivery of quality city services to ensure strong, safe neighborhoods

- Encouraging positive discussions among homeowners, developers and local officials to support “smart growth”

Family and the Future

- Continuing to invest in a safe, sound and lasting infrastructure

- Working to promote Knoxville’s greenways and parks, supporting the arts and enhancing the environment where all our citizens live, work and play

City Government

- Establish the position of Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Knoxville, to begin applying the newest technology for efficiency, effectiveness and communication for all citizens

- Transparency in city government

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