Finbarr Saunders
for Knoxville City Council


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Seeking Solutions - Building Bridges
Testimonials for 2015 Campaign:

“I’ve known Finbarr since the 1980’s, and I know him to be compassionate, trustworthy and dedicated.  Finbarr is committed to improving the quality of life for all of Knoxville’s citizens and has my vote.”

                                                                                                              -Margaret Gaiter, Community Leader

  "I have been a keen observer, then friend, to Finbarr since he worked at Park Bank. He has a keen sense of duty unrelated to personal aggrandizement, and he always strives for a balanced analysis of the issues before him. Our opinions are not always aligned, but there is invariably mutual respect for the other’s point of view. Also, he seems to have a bottomless reservoir of energy to wrestle with conflicting points of view in order to arrive at consensus.
  "He has my vote and support, and I urge others to also consider sending this dedicated public servant back to City Council for another term."

                                                                                                            -Tom Weiss, Owner, The Grill at Highlands Row

Testimonials for 2008 and 2010 Campaigns:

“Finbarr has a proven track record of his commitment to Knoxville.  His leadership roles and his community involvement speak for themselves.  He is not waiting to give of his efforts if elected…..he has already put his efforts into motion.  That’s the kind of leader we need!”

 - Eddie Mannis, President/Owner, Prestige Cleaners Inc.

"Please join me in support of Finbarr Saunders as he seeks a seat on the County Commission.  He has proven his honesty and integrity to me for thirty-eight years as a friend and a civic leader.  As a retired teacher and high school principal, I trust his pledge to support and improve education in Knox County.  We need a man of his character as we vote to improve our government."

                                                       - Trish Groves, Retired Principal, Halls High School

"Finbarr is the most community-minded person I know and has been a tremendous asset to the Westwood neighborhood and Bearden area over the years.  Finbarr represents the ideas of 'neighborhoods and community' at their best and has regularly gone the extra mile to work with elected officials and neighbors on various issues.  He would be an outstanding County Commissioner for Knox County."

                              - Paul Parris, Past President, Westwood Neighborhood Association

“I have known Finbarr Saunders for over fifty years and support him for Knox County Commission. A vote for Finbarr is a vote for integrity in government.”

                                                 - Jeff Novinger, Senior Partner, Novinger, Ball & Zivi, P.C.

"I have observed that Finbarr's exceptional level of personal integrity earns people's trust. His leadership style invites and inspires others to bring their best selves to the table over any issue. He consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to the community. He brings truth and clarity to difficult negotiations and seeks the highest good for the greatest number."
                                                                                - Peg Becker, Westwood Neighbor

 “I have known Finbarr for 30 years and firmly believe he would make an outstanding member of County Commission!!

Reasons for supporting my belief and his candidacy for office:

  • He is passionate about making Knox County a better place to live and work.
  • He is a 'quick study' on issues . . . because he is always prepared given his brightness, his broad base of knowledge and his willingness to do 'homework' to be well informed on matters requiring deliberations and a vote.
  • He is financially savvy, a strategic planner, sound negotiator and collaborative by personality and professional experiences.
  • He is accessible to those who seek out his views or offer him theirs.
  • He is focused on productivity and quality of services.
  • He understands and appreciates the importance of attendance and active participation in Board and Committee meetings.
  • His decisions stand the test of time... He offers sound reasons for supporting or opposing an issue.
  • He is inquisitive. He wants to know why things are done as they are.
  • He supports changes resulting in improvement.  No issue is too big or detail too small to be worthy of his attention.
  • He knows when to lead and when to be in a supportive role.
  • He is about issues of importance always being able to focus on the matters at hand, not the personalities involved.
  • He commands respect because of what he says and does.”

                                    - Bob Koppel, President Emeritus, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital